Printing Images
The images available for downloading and including in reports are high-resolution images. You may not be able to print them directly from your web browser due to the size of the image. Below are instructions for printing the images on a PC with Microsoft Word

  1. Navigate your web browser to the image you want to print (for example: Click Here)
  2. Right-click on the image and save the image to your desktop
  3. Open Microsoft Word
  4. Choose "Insert" -> "Picture" -> "From File..." from the top menu bar
  5. Select the image you just saved to your desktop
  6. Click OK

The image should now be displayed and if you click on the image you can now use microsoft word functionality to resize, rotate, and modify the image.

Please Note
Some websites listed on will prompt you to install special components on your computer to view different languages. This is not necessary as only lists websites that use English. You may see a message window that says something like, "To display language characters correctly you need to download and install the following components," along with the language text support. If you simply click "Cancel," the link will open and display the English portions of the site.

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