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Maps & Flag [downloadable for reports]
The Land
  • Greater Rhea (ARKive: Images of Life on Earth) - Read facts about this huge bird of Uruguay, and watch videos of rheas in their habitat.
  • Introducing Uruguay (Lonely Planet) - Learn basic information for travel to Uruguay, including practical travel tips and Lonely Planet's recommended sites to visit.
  • Montevideo, Uruguay (MSN Weather) - Get the current weather conditions for Montevideo and other cities in Uruguay.
  • Uruguay (CIA World Factbook) - Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics.
History and Government
  • Background Note: Uruguay (U.S. Department of State) - Read comprehensive summaries of the history and government in Uruguay.
  • Montevideo, Uruguay (Embassy of the United States of America) - The U.S. Embassy website features local Uruguay news in English.
  • Timeline: Uruguay - BBC provides a timeline of Uruguay's history, beginning in the 1500s.
The People
  • At a Glance: Uruguay (UNICEF) - Discover the latest news about the challenges facing the children of Uruguay.
  • Uruguay (Human Rights Watch) - Link to recent articles on human rights issues in Uruguay.
  • Uruguay: Highlights (GlobalHealthFacts.org) - See at-a-glance health statistics, and view maps comparing health conditions in countries around the world.
Cultural Life
  • Bajofondo—"El Mareo" - Watch a video of Bajofondo, a band that blends traditional Argentinian and Uruguayan influences with modern sounds.
  • Languages of Uruguay (Ethnologue) - Learn about the languages spoken in Uruguay.
  • Uruguay (FIFA.com) - Get the latest World Cup news and scores for Uruguay's national football team.
  • Uruguay (National Geographic) - Read more about music in Uruguay.
The Economy
  • Currency Converter - Convert U.S. dollars to Uruguayan pesos.
  • International Monetary Fund - Use this site to create a chart with up-to-date information about any country's economy and to compare it to other countries' economies.
For More Information
  • Country Profile: Uruguay (BBC News) - Find current news headlines, a timeline, links to Uruguayan media, and video news clips.
  • Travel & Cultures: Uruguay (National Geographic) - View a quick overview and photos of Uruguay, and link to features with more specific information.
  • Uruguay (NationalAnthems.info) - Listen to the Uruguayan national anthem, "Orientales, la Patria o la tumba!"
  • UruguayDailyNews.com - Read the latest local news on this local online newspaper.
Teacher Resources
  • A Country Study: Uruguay (Library of Congress Country Studies) - The Library of Congress provides access to a detailed outline of Uruguay (grades 6-12).
  • Mapping of South America (Discovery Education) - Explore the geography of South America using political, physical, and population maps (grades 6-8).
  • States and Mates: Learning about Geopolitical Alliances (New York Times Daily Lesson Plan) - Learn about the United States' and Venezuela's competition for a closer alliance with Uruguay, and apply this to other examples of geopolitical alliances (grades 6-8, 9-12).
  • Tour of South America (Discovery Education) - Students become experts on a famous site in South America (grades 6-8).
  • Xpeditions Atlas: Uruguay (National Geographic Xpeditions) - Print a basic or a detailed map of Uruguay.
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