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The Land
  • Ukraine (CIA World Factbook) Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics.
  • Ukraine Explorer (What's On Kyiv) View information and photos about the many sights to see across Ukraine's major cities--Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa, and more.
  • Weather ( Get the current weather conditions for Kyiv (Kiev), Charkov, Lviv (Lvov), Odesa (Odessa), and Yalta in Ukraine.
History and Government
The People
  • National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv. Learn about the history of this prominent Ukrainian university and the poet Taras Shevchenko for whom it is named. Read about the university's departments, programs, and entrance requirements.

Cultural Life
  • Homage to Odessa: Jewish Community of Odessa, Ukraine (Beth-Hatefutsoth, The Nahum Goldmann Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, Museum of the Jewish People) Read a photo-illustrated history of Jews in Odessa, Ukraine.
  • Klitschko: The Official Website of [the] Klitschko Brothers A biography and details of the boxing career of each brother, Vitali and Wladimir, are available.
  • Kyiv Post The Web edition of the Kyiv Post newspaper features news and opinion covering current events in Ukraine.
  • News and Features on Ukraine (Radio Free Europe - Radio Liberty) Links to news and commentary on politics and cultural life in Ukraine and among Ukrainians abroad
  • Official Oksana Baiul Website ( Olympic figure skater Baiul's schedule of public appearances, a brief biography, and lots of photos
  • Taras Shevchenko Museum ( View and read about numerous examples of the artist's landscapes, portraits, and other compositions.
  • UkrainaTV Sample contemporary Ukrainian media with these Ukrainian video, MP3 music, and radio downloads.
  • Ukraine News ( Provides links to international media coverage of daily news and current events in Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Congress Committee of America The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America is an organization that represents the interests of ethnic Ukrainians living in the United States. The organization's website features news and current events from Ukraine and information about Ukrainians living in the United States.
  • Ukrainian Music Library ( Listen to samples of bandura, religious, classical, and popular music.
  • Welcome to Ukraine This companion website to Welcome to Ukraine magazine features information on the country, many articles on Ukrainian subjects, and numerous stunning photos.
The Economy
  • Country Briefings: Ukraine ( Links to information about Ukraine's economy appear in the Country Profile column of this Web page.
  • Bank Notes and Coins (National Bank of Ukraine) View Ukrainian bank notes and coins in everyday use, and learn about Ukrainian geography, flora and fauna, history, and culture by examining individual commemorative coins.
  • The Universal Currency Converter ( Compare the currency of Ukraine with the currency of other nations around the world.
For More Information
  • Country Profile: Ukraine (BBC News) Find up-to-date headlines, colorful maps, timeline, overview, and watch video news clips.
  • Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies) Click on links for history, people, land, art, literature, or culture to sample illustrated summaries of these topics.
  • Ukraine ( Find general Ukraine information, including geography, government, economy, etc.
  • Ukraine (Lonely Planet) Travel tips and Ukraine information
  • ( Listen to Ukraine's National Anthem.
Teacher Resources
  • Remembering Chernobyl ( Discussion questions to follow students reading "Ukraine Struggles with Deadly Chernobyl [nuclear energy] Disaster 15 Years Later" (Grades 6-12)
  • Story: Ukraine Opposition Leader the Victim of Poisoning (NewsHour Extra, This printable reading and discussion questions worksheet includes a link to NewsHour Extra story about the incident. (Grades 6-12)
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