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The Land
  • Weather (CNN.com) for Ankara, Turkey. Get the current weather conditions for Ankara, Turkey.
  • Weather (CNN.com) for Istanbul, Turkey. Get the weather conditions for Istanbul, Turkey.
  • National Parks (Turkish Ministry of Culture) Read brief descriptions of the special features of Turkey’s national parks.
  • Major Cities (Turkish Ministry of Culture) Learn more about Turkey’s major cities from the Turkish Ministry of Culture. The website features an interactive city map.
  • Interactive Maps (National Geographic/MapMachine) This website offers explorers interactive political and geographical maps of Turkey.
  • Geography of Turkey (Allaboutturkey.com) Part of a larger site dedicated to a country profile of Turkey, this section of the website provides extensive information about the country’s geography, with hyperlinks to related topics, such as the regions of Turkey, its rivers, as well as its flora (plants) and fauna (animals).
  • Regions (Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Describing Turkey by region, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website provides information on geography, geology, wildlife, water resources, and more.
  • Flora and Fauna of Turkey (Enjoy Turkey) Find brief descriptions of Turkey’s plants and animals by ecosystem.
  • Turkey: Flora and Fauna (Let’s Go Turkey) Visitors to this site can find general information about Turkey’s wildlife and plants.
History and Government
  • Turkey: History and Cultural Sites (Allaboutturkey.com)
    Visitors to this website can learn more about Turkey’s history and cultural sites through descriptive text, hyperlinked cross references, and photographs.
  • Troy (Classics Technology Center)
    This concise history of the city-state Troy includes information on its people, wars, the Trojan horse, and excavations.
  • History of Turkey (Lonely Planet) Lonely Planet offers visitors a concise history of Turkey, including ancient Turkey, the city of Troy, and the Ottoman Empire.
  • Mysteries of Çatalhöyük, Turkey (Science Museum of Minnesota) Explore the archaeology of the ancient Turkish site of Çatalhöyük, through this engaging, interactive website from the Science Museum of Minnesota. The site features a comic book design, a dig tour, photographs of finds—including artifacts and human remains—a timeline, solved and unsolved mysteries, activities, and much more.
  • The World of Süleyman the Magnificent (National Geographic) Explore the lands and history of Turkish (Ottoman) conqueror and ruler Süleyman the Magnificent through this photo-history from National Geographic.
  • History: The Ottoman Empire (Infoplease.com) Visitors to this site will find a thorough history of the Ottoman Empire, including its origins, leaders, expansion and decline, and its wars. Hyperlinks lead users to further information about specific and related topics.
  • Turkish Embassy, Washington, D.C. Visit the Turkish Embassy online to learn about the country’s history and government, as well as current Turkish news, events, and political issues.
  • Turkey: Government (CIA World Factbook) Researchers will find fast, summarized facts about the Turkey’s national government and political climate.
The People
  • Turkey: People (CIA World Factbook)
    Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics.
  • Turkey: The People (Nationmaster.com)
    Visit this site to find fast demographic facts about the people of Turkey.
Cultural Life
  • News: Turkish Daily News Read the online edition of Turkey’s first English-language daily newspaper.
  • News: Zaman Online Find up-to-date Turkish and world news from Turkey’s first online newspaper.
  • Online Turkish Radio Stations (Turkish Radios Online) Access links to live-live streaming Turkish radio. Users should follow link “Radyo Listes” at left of website. Requires Windows Media Player or Real Player, which can be downloaded free from the Internet
  • Turkish Football (Soccer) (Turkish-soccer.com) Read about Turkey’s national soccer teams and leagues, the world cup, and more. This site features information about men’s and women’s teams and standings.
  • Turkish Cuisine (Food) (Allaboutturkey.com) This website offers descriptions of Turkish foods and hyperlinks to recipes.
  • Le Arts Turc: The Art and Culture Center for Turkey (Le Arts Turc) This commercial site offers visitors free access to descriptions and images of Turkish traditional and contemporary art, sculpture, tile work, photography, calligraphy (writing), and music.
  • Turkish Van Cats: Folklore (CTVCA) Learn about the facts and folklore surrounding Turkey beloved Van cats.
  • Fairs and Festivals of Turkey (Allaboutturkey.com) This link takes users to a list of Turkey’s international, national, and local fairs and festivals organized by months of occurrence.
The Economy
  • Country Briefings: Turkey (Economist.com) Find the latest articles about the Turkish economy.
  • Profile: Economy (Nationmaster.com) Find fast economic data for Turkey.
  • Daily Exchange Rates (Turkeytravelplanner.com) View the value of the Turkish lira against U.S. and Canadian dollars, as well as other world currencies.
  • Currency Converter (Guidetoturkey.com) Convert U.S. dollars, as well as other world currencies, to Turkish liras.
  • Turkish Money (Enjoyturkey.com) This site offers visitors an introduction to Turkish money, including photographs of notes and coins.
For More Information
  • Turkey FAQs (frequently asked questions) (Turkish Embassy, Washington, D.C.) This site from the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C., provides answers to frequently questions about Turkey and travel to the country.
  • Turkey (CIA World Factbook) Find up-to-date country statistics.
  • Turkey (Allaboutturkey.com) This thorough website about Turkey offers information on its geography, history, government, peoples, cultures, economy and more through a user-friendly hyperlink format.
  • Turkey (Abacci Atlas) This website offers an extensive country profile of Turkey, including maps, flags, pictures, useful links, and a search engine.
  • Turkey Photo Library (PlanetWare.com) Explore this extensive photo library of Turkey to find images of the county’s art, architecture, and cultures. (This is a commercial site with access to free low-resolution images and fee-based high-resolution images.)
  • Turkey: Photo Library (Let’s Go Turkey) Find images of Turkey’s regions, cities, people, and culture.
  • Korean War: The Turkish Brigade (Korean-War.com) Read a chronicle of the Turkish Brigade’s contributions to UN efforts during Korean War.
  • Turkey: Society and Culture (Turkey Central) Turkey Central offers a web portal to sites dedicated to Turkish art, architecture, associations, cuisine, language, and more.
  • Turkey (Lonely Planet) Find travel tips and country information from Lonelyplanet.com.
  • Country Profile: Turkey (BBC News) Find up-to-date headlines, a map, facts and figures, political leaders, and links to Turkish media.
  • Turkish-American Cultural Alliance (TACA Online) Visitors can access information about Turkish and Turkish American news, culture, politics, demographics, and events.
Teacher Resources
  • Turkey: Sites and Excavations (Ancientneareast.net) This site is a scientific clearinghouse for the archaeological sites and excavations of Turkey. Perhaps too elevated for students, the site is a good resource for teachers and librarians.
  • The Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE.org) This official website of the Istanbul Stock Exchange offers teachers an overview of the Turkish exchange, as well as information on its standards, participating companies, and markets. The site also provides information on the new Turkish lira.
  • Mysteries of Çatalhöyük, Turkey (Science Museum of Minnesota) This interesting, engaging, and informative site dedicated to the archaeology of Çatalhöyük, Turkey, is fun for teachers and students alike.
  • Learning Network Lesson Plans (New York Times) Teachers can access a searchable lesson-plan database that includes plans related Turkey.
  • A Country Study: Turkey (Library of Congress) This website from the Library of Congress offers teachers extensive information about Turkey.
  • Political Resources: Turkey This site is a portal to a wide variety of sites on the Web relating to politics, parties, and government in Turkey.
  • Turkey (Amnesty International) Amnesty International provides a library of information on human and civil rights issues and campaigns in Turkey including Amnesty’s annual reports on the country for the years 1993 through 2004.
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