Photos [downloadable for reports]
Maps & Flag [downloadable for reports]
The Land
  • Syria (CIA World Factbook) Find up-to-date populations figures and other statistics
  • Weather ( Get the current weather conditions for Damascus
  • Photo gallery of Syria ( View photographs of Syrian cities and landscapes
History and Government
  • Historical Maps ( Find maps that illustrate different times in Syria’s history.
  • Palmyra, Syria ( View photos of the ruins of Palmyra and learn more about the history of the city.
The People
  • The Bedouin ( Learn about the Bedouin culture
  • Druze ( See photos and read descriptions of Druze people and their religion
Cultural Life
  • Syrian Food ( Find many recipes for Syrian foods, including a recipe of the week.
The Economy
For More Information
  • Syria (Middle East Policy Council A great source for links to more sites about Syria
  • National Anthem ( Listen to Syria’s National Anthem
  • Syria ( Find general country information, including geography, government, economy, etc.
  • Syria (Lonely Planet) Information on travel in Syria
Teacher Resources
  • At the Height of Conflict (The New York Times Teacher Connections) Lesson plan on the Israel-Syria Peace Talks and the Fight for the Golan Heights (grades 6-12)
  • Like Father, Like Son? (The New York Times Teacher Connections) Lesson plan on current leaders of the Middle East. (grades 6-12)
  • The Roots of Conflict ( Lesson plan on the Palestine & Israel conflict.
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