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Maps & Flag [downloadable for reports]
The Land
  • Suriname (CIA World Factbook) - Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics.
  • Suriname (Lonely Planet) - Learn basic information for travel in Suriname.
  • Suriname: Environmental Profile (Mongabay) - Read about efforts to save Suriname's rainforests and wildlife.
  • Suriname Weather (The Weather Channel) - Get the current weather conditions for Paramaribo and other cities in Suriname.
History and Government
The People
  • The Amerindians of Suriname (Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink) - Get articles on indigenous peoples and their culture, as well as Surinamese history, archaeology, and environmental conservation.
  • At a Glance: Suriname (UNICEF) - Discover the latest news about the challenges facing the children of Suriname.
  • Country Profile: Suriname (Pan American Health Organization) - Find facts about public health in Suriname.
Cultural Life
  • Radio Trishul (Trishul) - Listen to Suriname's Indian-music radio station.
  • ReadyTex Art Gallery (ReadyTex Art Gallery) - Visitors to this website can view dozens of works by Surinamese artists and craftspeople, including several mentioned in this book. The site also provides artist biographies.
  • Recipes from Suriname (Tropilab) - Try Surinamese recipes from this collection.
  • Surifesta ( - See pictures of Surifesta, Suriname's national New Year's party.
  • Suriname (Ethnologue) - Learn about the many languages spoken in Suriname.
  • Suriname ( - Check Suriname's national football (soccer) team scores for the World Cup.
The Economy
For More Information
  • Country Profile: Suriname (BBC News) - Get general information and the latest news about Suriname.
  • Suriname ( - Find general country information, including geography, government, economy, and more.
  • Suriname (National Geographic) - Get general information about and see pictures of Suriname, as well as link to features.
Teacher Resources
  • Country and City Maps of Suriname (University of Texas at Austin) - Get free maps of Suriname and Paramaribo.
  • Folktales from the Americas ( - Lesson plan (9-12) about values and shared knowledge in folktales, including the Surinamese folktale "The Trouble with Helping Out."
  • Suriname (World Health Organization) - Get comprehensive data on health issues in Suriname.
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