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The Land
  • Bratislava Guide (Visit Bratislava) - Discover the sights you would see if you traveled to Bratislava.
  • Welcome to Nitra - Learn more about this historic Slovak town.
  • Slovakia (CIA World Factbook) - Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics.
  • Slovakia (Slovakia Travel) - Find out what there is to do and see in Slovakia.
  • Weather ( - Get the current weather conditions for Bratislava and other cities in Slovakia.
History and Government
  • History of Slovakia (Slovakia) - Find an overview of Slovak history and emphasizes Slovak independence.
  • Ivan Gašparovič (President of the Slovak Republic) - Learn about the president and government of Slovakia.
  • National Council (National Council of the Slovak Republic) - Read current information about the Slovak National Council, its history, and more.
  • Slovak History (Heart of Europe) - Learn about Slovakia from its early history to modern times.
The People
  • Learn to Speak Slovak Language (Slovak-Republic) - Find a translator, common phrases, and information about greetings in Slovakia.
  • Religion in Slovakia (Slovakia Site) - Find out about the major religions in Slovakia and their histories.
  • Roma in Slovakia (Slovakia) - Learn about the Roma people who live in Slovakia.
  • Slovakia: Highlights ( - Find health statistics for Slovakia and compare with other countries.
Cultural Life
  • Lučnica: Slovak National Folklore Ballet (luč - See photos and learn about Lučnica, a traditional Slovak folk dancing group.
  • Slovak Cuisine (Slovak-Republic) - Discover common foods in Slovakia and recipes for many dishes.
  • The Slovak Spectator ( - Read the latest news and current events from Slovakia.
  • Slovak Sport (Radio Slovakia International) - Find the latest information about sports in Slovakia.
  • Slovakia Society (Slovakia) - Find out about the Slovak people including their language, food, and entertainment.
The Economy
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