Saudi Arabia
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The Land
  • The A to Z of Camels (ArabNet) - Learn fun facts about this important desert animal
  • Saudi Arabia (CIA World Factbook) - Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics
  • Saudi Arabia Weather Online ( - Get the current weather conditions for various cities in Saudi Arabia
History and Government
  • Islam UK (BBCi) - View a mosque, follow the hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca and learn the history of Islam
  • - Find articles on Islam and in-depth coverage of current events in the Arab world
  • Washington Post KidsPost - What Is Islam? ( - Explains the beliefs of the majority of Muslims
The People
  • Arabic Language (The Arab World) - Learn some common Arabic expressions, also the Arabic words for numbers, colors, and more
  • Learn a Word a Day (Arabian Adventures) - Learn basic Arabic phrases, greetings, numbers, etc.
Cultural Life
  • ABC of Arabic Cuisine (ArabNet) - An alphabetical list of basic foods in the Arabic diet, and history of Arabic food
  • Arab News - Saudi Arabia's first English daily newspaper
  • Culture (Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia) - Learn about dress, dance, architecture, and more
  • Saudi Arabia (Al Bawaba) - Includes daily local news and links
  • Saudi Times (World News Network) - Daily online newspaper
The Economy
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Teacher Resources
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