Puerto Rico
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The Land
  • Explore Puerto Rico (Welcome to Puerto Rico!) - Learn about the island's various regions and cities by clicking on the map
  • Old San Juan (Puerto Rico Boriken) - Discover San Juan, a National Historic Site
  • Puerto Rico (CIA World Factbook) - Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics
  • Puerto Rico Photo Gallery - View photographs of Puerto Rico’s nature and landscapes
  • Weather (CNN.com) - Get the current weather conditions for Rio Grande and other cities in Puerto Rico
History and Government
The People
Cultural Life
The Economy
  • Country Analysis Briefs: Puerto Rico Fact Sheet (U.S. Energy Information Administration) - The U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is the largest net energy importer in the Caribbean basin
  • Economy (Welcome to Puerto Rico!) - Summary and statistics of Puerto Rico’s economy
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