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The Land
  • Mayon (Global Volcanism Program) This site provides summaries of the latest activity at one of the Philippines active volcanoes and photographs of past eruptions.
  • Philippines (CIA World Factbook) Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics.
  • Treasures of the Philippines ( Learn all about the Philippine rain forests, their plants and animals, how deforestation threatens the species of the forest, and more.
  • Weather (CNN) Get the current weather conditions for Manila and other cities in the Philippines.
  • WOW Philippines Visit the official tourism website for the Philippines to learn more about the many things to see and do in the Philippines.
History and Government
The People
  • Global Tribe: Philippines Travel along with PBS’s Global Tribe as they explore the Philippines. View slide shows, listen to traditional songs and dances, and more.
  • Ifugao Learn more about the Ifugao people, and view samples of their artwork.
  • Jose Rizal Website This is an in-depth website dedicated to Rizal. Learn about his life, read excerpts of his written works, and more.
  • Mangyan Heritage Center Discover more about the Mangyan tribes of the Philippines.
Cultural Life
  • Creation Myths from the Philippines Read a variety of myths and folktales from the various tribal groups of the Philippines.
  • Filipino Recipes (RecipeSource) Find recipes and learn the history behind the Philippine’s cuisine.
  • The Manila Times Internet Edition Read the latest news from the Philippines from the nation’s oldest running newspaper.
  • Learn all about this traditional Filipino Christmas decoration, including its history, what the symbols used to decorate parols mean, even how to make a parol for yourself!
  • National Commission for Culture and the Arts This site features articles and information about culture and the arts in the Philippines.
  • Tagalog Learn a variety of things about Filipino culture at this site, including how to speak Tagalog, the variety of dances and festivals unique to each indigenous group on the islands, and more.
The Economy
  • Country Briefings: Philippines ( The latest articles about the Philippines’ economy
  • Currency Converter Convert U.S. dollars to Philippine pesos.
  • General Bamboo Information (American Bamboo Society) Find extensive information about this important grass, including the many different species, where they are grown, how they are cared for, and what uses they have.
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