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Maps & Flag [downloadable for reports]
The Land
History and Government
  • Government Du Royaume Du Maroc (
    This is a Moroccan government source of news, government information, and in-depth country information.
  • Timeline: Morocco (BBC News)
    Review a timeline of Moroccan history from the 7th century A.D. until 2005.
The People
  • Africa>Morocco> People statistics (
    Visit this website to review comprehensive statistics about the people of Morocco.
  • Among the Berbers (
    Take a look at the largest ethnic group within Morocco, the Berbers, and learn how they have protected their culture in the face of globalization.
  • Images of Daily Life in Morocco (Geo-Images)
    Explore this gallery of pictures that show different aspects of daily life in Morocco.
  • Languages of Morocco (
    Discover what present languages are spoken in Morocco and how many speak these languages. Extinct languages are also listed.
  • Morocco (the Kingdom of) and Western Sahara (Amnesty International)
    Amnesty International Library provides information about human and civil rights issues in Morocco and suggests actions to take.
  • Summary Gender Profile (World Bank Gender Stats Database of Gender Statistics)
    Compare statistics for women versus men from Morocco to those for the Middle East and North Africa in the areas of population, employment, and literacy.
  • Women’s Rights: Morocco’s King Takes a Courageous Step (
    This news article focuses on the change in women’s status in Morocco.
Cultural Life
  • The Fabric of Moroccan Life (Smithsonian National Museum of African Art)
    Examine the cultural traditions of Moroccan embroidery and Berber weaving. View colorful examples from each tradition.
  • Festivals (World 66)
    Learn about different festivals that are celebrated in Morocco.
  • Morocco (
    This document gives information on food found in Morocco, how food is served, and differing occasions that call for different people within the family to cook. It also offers links to a variety of Moroccan recipes.
  • “The Rise of North Africa’s Berbers” (World Press Review Online)
    This magazine article provides information about clashes between the ethnic group the Berbers and the Moroccan government.
  • World Religions Photo Library: Islam (
    Learn about Islam from a selection of photos.
The Economy
For More Information
  • Kingdom of Morocco (
    This website provides information about the geography, the government, and the economy of Morocco.
  • Morocco (
    Listen to the vocal or instrumental version of the Moroccan national anthem.
  • Morocco: Al-Mamlaka al-Maghribiya; Kingdom of Morocco (Flags of the World)
    Examine the designs and history of Morocco’s flags, past and present.
  • Morocco: Kingdom of Morocco (Kids Zone)
    This guide for young people provides general Moroccan country information.
  • World Guide: Morocco (Lonely Planet)
    This world travel guide provides information on Morocco’s most popular destinations, a photo gallery, and information about transportation and prices.
Teacher Resources
  • For Teachers: Power & Politics: Surviving the Sahara: The Sahrawi People Living in Exile (Wide Angle, PBS)
    This lesson plan focuses on the Sahara and the Sahrawi people from Morocco and, the political, social, and geographical reasons that people become refugees. This lesson plan also offers many links to the topics of geography, woman’s rights, and cultural groups present in Morocco’s Sahara.
  • Lesson Plan: Traveling Abroad (Albright-Knox Art Gallery)
    Students use a painting, maps, and online references to imagine that they are traveling from Paris to the city of Meknes, Morocco, in 1832. (Grades 6-12)
  • Morocco: Questions and Activities (Hopes on the Horizon: Africa in the 1990’s, PBS)
    Beginning with a video clip, this lesson plan focuses on the issue of woman’s rights in Morocco and how a woman’s place depends on the value system of the individual’s family.
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