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The Land
  • Lebanon (CIA World Factbook) Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics.
  • Major Cities Learn more about Lebanon’s major cities (ancient and modern) from the embassy of Lebanon located in Washington, D.C.
  • Other Cities and Points of Interest (Tourism in Lebanon) Good information about cities and points of interest in Lebanon is gathered at this website.
  • Photo and Video Library (Souwar.com)
    Souwar.com offers visitors an extensive, annotated picture library of Lebanon. Highlights of the site include panoramic images and a video collection.
  • Weather (CNN.com) for Beirut, Lebanon.
    Get the current weather conditions for Beirut, Lebanon.
History and Government
  • Annotated Lebanese Archaeology Photos (Lebanese Global Information Center)
    Find photos and descriptions of Lebanon’s major ancient and historical sites, including Aanjar, Baalbek, Byblos, and Tyre.
  • History and Ancient Civilizations (Destination Lebanon) Read about Lebanon’s ancient cities and the cultures that built them.
  • The Presidential Palace Read the description of the president’s job in Lebanon’s constitution. Look at a photo album of the president’s life. Write a message to the president in the visitors’ book. Download news photos and a portrait of the president.
The People
  • Lebanon (Amnesty International) Amnesty International provides a library of information on human and civil rights issues and campaigns in Lebanon, including Amnesty’s annual reports on the country for the years 1997 through 2004.
  • Lebanon: The People (Nationmaster.com) Visit this site to find fast demographic facts about the people of Lebanon.
Cultural Life
  • Baalbek International Festival The Baalbek International Festival is a celebration of Lebanese, Arabic, and world music, dance, and art. Visit the festival website to learn more about the annual event held at Lebanon’s most prized Phoenician-Roman ruin.
  • Daily Star News The online version of the Daily Star, Lebanon and the Middle East’s leading English-language newspaper. Readers can find up-to-date political news here, along with editorials, weather reports, and classified ads.
  • Food This website offers several recipes for Lebanese and Arabic food, including popular favorites such as hummus and baba ganoush.
  • Kahil Gibran This website provides a detailed biography and links to the art and writings of Kahil Gibran.
  • Lebanon Fine Art Gallery The online Lebanon Fine Art Gallery offers collections of works by Lebanese artists, including acclaimed painter Joseph Matar.
  • Monday Morning News Read the on-line edition of a weekly English-language news magazine published in Beirut.
  • National Museum of BeirutVisitors to the virtual National Museum of Beirut will find Lebanese art collections by historical period, as well as a history and map of the museum.
  • Online News Media A website that makes use of links to other news organizations and websites around the world to provide live, on-the-spot news from Lebanon, the Middle East, and the world, including special sections on medical and nutrition news, a currency converter, and recipe-finder.
  • Radio Sawt el Ghad is an Arabic contemporary music radio station. Visitors to the site can access live-streaming Arabic radio.
  • Television Future Television is a private television station in Lebanon. Its website includes video clips of daily programming and special features.
  • Traditional Instruments This website offers a good introduction to the musical instruments of the Arab world, including the ud (lute), the tablah (drum), and the daff (tambourine). Illustrations accompany descriptive text.
The Economy
  • Beirut Stock Exchange
    This official website of the Beirut Stock Exchange offers an overview of the Lebanese exchange, as well as information on its standards, participating companies, and markets.
  • Currency Converter (Greenwich Mean Time)
    This website provides an up-to-date currency converter based on exchange rates at Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the international standard of time.
  • Lebanon: Economy"Lebanon’s Economy" from Lebanonatlas.com briefly discusses Lebanon’s economic history, banking, and currency.
For More Information
  • Country Profile: Lebanon (BBC News) Find up-to-date headlines, colorful maps, timeline, overview, and watch video news clips
  • A Country Study: Lebanon (Library of Congress) This website from the Library of Congress gives teachers extensive information about Lebanon from the country’s historical periods to its internal security and terrorism.
  • Lebanese Embassy, U.S.A. Read a profile of Lebanon from the embassy of Lebanon located in Washington, D.C. The country overview features information on the country’s government and history, major holidays, regional temperature averages, and more.
  • Lebanon (Cedarland.org) This thorough website, named after the national tree of Lebanon, offers extensive information about Lebanon, including its history, its historic national documents, and its cultural aspects.
  • Lebanon (CountryReports.org) Find general country information on topics including geography, government, economy, and more.
  • Lebanon (Lebanese Global Information Center) This site is clearinghouse for many things Lebanese, including information on the country, its people, its cultures, and its history.
  • Lebanon (Lebanonatlas.com) This website provides a wide range of Lebanese resources, including city maps, local climate data, cultural highlights, sports teams and events, as well as various locaters.
  • Lebanon (Lonely Planet) Find travel tips and country information from Lonelyplanet.com.
Teacher Resources
  • Lebanon Lesson Plan (Global Citizen 2000) Set within the context of the Lebanese Civil War, this lesson plan explores how ideas, attitudes, geography, and economics can contribute to civil conflict and war. A case study also is available. (Grades 7 to 12)
  • Middle East Resources This site offers many links to information on the Middle East and Lebanon for teachers (and students).
  • Political Resources: Lebanon This site is a portal to a wide variety of teacher-appropriate sites on the Web relating to politics and government in Lebanon, including the Hezbollah Party.
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