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The Land
History and Government
The People
  • Etiquette Inside the House (Japan-Guide.com) - Explains what to do when visiting a Japanese home
  • Social Outcasts (TIME Asia) - Learn how the Burakumin minority group lives on the fringes of society in Japan
  • Welcome to our School (Kids Web Japan) - Find out what middle school is like in Japan from students just like you!
Cultural Life
  • Annual Events (JapanZone) - Learn about New Year, Obon, and other Japanese festivals
  • Asia Pacific News (World News Network) - Daily news on Japan
  • Bonsai (JapanZone) - An overview of the art of cultivating small trees
  • BuddhaNet.net - Learn more about the Buddhist religion
  • Digital Sushi - Learn the origin and basics of sushi eating with colorful photos and simple descriptions
  • Eating Out (Japan National Tourist Organization) - Information on Japanese cuisine, where to eat, how to eat with chopsticks, and more
  • Festivals (JapanZone) - Find photos and details about "matsuri" (festivals)
  • Ikebana (JapanZone) - An overview and history of the art of flower arranging
  • The Japan Times Online - Weekly online newspaper
  • Japanese Food (Japan-Guide.com) - Includes popular dishes and ingredients, some recipes, table manners, etc.
  • Kimono (JapanZone) - Describes the traditional kimono dress, includes an illustrated diagram
  • Origami (JapanZone) - An overview and history of the art of paper folding
  • Sumo (JapanZone) - Learn about the 2000-year old form of wrestling
  • Tokyo Food Page - A guide to eating in Tokyo
  • Virtual Japanese Culture (Kids Web Japan) - Make virtual origami, bonsai, Ikebana, and more (requires a Shockwave plugin)
The Economy
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Teacher Resources
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