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The Land
  • Honduran Mosquitia (The Nature Conservancy) - Learn about how the Nature Conservancy is working with local people to conserve the habitats and animals of the Honduran Mosquitia, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Honduras (CIA World Factbook) - Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics.
  • Honduras (Lonely Planet) - Learn facts about Honduras, as well as basic information about traveling in the country.
  • Honduras Maps (Perry-Castaneda Map Collection, University of Texas Libraries) - View maps that highlight the political boundaries, population, and cities in Honduras.
  • Weather (BBC News) - Get the current weather conditions for cities in Honduras.
History and Government
  • Honduras—Background Note (U.S. Department of State) - Get fast facts about Honduras's government, foreign relations, and economy, and read a short history of the country.
  • Honduras This Week (Honduras This Week) - This electronic newspaper in English provides up-to-the-minute news on happenings in Honduras, including the upheaval in government.
  • Lost King of the Maya (NOVA Online) - This companion website to the public television program Lost King of the Maya offers a video tour of the ruins at Copán, as well as details on the discovery of the ruins in 1839 and maps and games to learn more about the Maya world.
The People
  • Expressions of Honduras (Stanford Center for Latin American Studies) - Explore the history, music, and culture of the Garifuna people of Honduras. Site also includes activities for children to learn more about Garifuna culture and Central American geography.
  • Father José Andrés Tamayo (The Goldman Environmental Prize) - Learn more about Father José Andrés Tamayo, a Honduran priest working to preserve forests in his country.
  • Honduras (Population Reference Bureau [PRB]) - Find information about the population of Honduras, as well as vital statistics and land area information for the country. Articles on environmental and health issues facing Hondurans is also available on the site.
  • Honduras (UNICEF) - Discover the latest news about the challenges facing the children of Honduras, including real-life stories and statistics on population, health, and education.
  • Honduras (World Health Organization) - Get statistics about disease outbreaks, immunization, and the conditions for medical professionals in Honduras.
  • Honduras: Highlights (Kaiser Family Foundation) - Find health statistics, and see maps comparing countries around the world.
  • Rural Poverty in Honduras (International Fund for Agricultural Development) - Find out about poverty in Honduras, with stories from real Hondurans struggling with the effects of poverty. The site also has information on programs under way to help Hondurans lift themselves out of poverty.
  • Special Report: Hurricane Mitch (BBC News) - Through a series of stories from the BBC, look back at the devastation in Central America from Hurricane Mitch and how countries such as Honduras worked to recover.
Cultural Life
  • Dishes of the Caribbean (The Fairtrade Cookbook) - Try recipes from the countries on the Caribbean Sea, including Honduras.
  • Honduras (FIFA.com) - Check out how Honduras's national team is doing in the World Cup qualifiers.
  • Languages of Honduras (Ethnologue) - Learn about the languages spoken in Honduras, and look at a language map of the country.
  • Virtual Arts of Honduras (Virtual Arts of Honduras) - Check out the work of Honduran artists, from precolonial works up to modern artwork being done today.
The Economy
  • Country Profile: Honduras (New Agriculturist) - Find out more about the history of the Honduran economy, including as a "banana republic," and current statistics on agricultural products and exports.
  • Currency Converter (XE.com) - Compare the currency of Honduras with the currency of other nations around the world.
  • National Geographic Traveler (National Geographic) - Check out the ecotourism opportunities for visitors to Honduras.
For More Information
  • Country Profile: Honduras (BBC News) - Find up-to-date headlines, links to Honduran media, colorful maps, a timeline, and an overview, and watch video news clips.
  • Embassy of Honduras in Washington, D.C (Embassy of Honduras) - Look at artwork from Honduran artists, and find out basic information about the geography, government, history, and people of Honduras.
  • Honduras (CountryReports.org) - Find general country information, including geography, government, economy, and more.
  • Honduras (Nationalanthems.info) - Listen to Honduras's national anthem.
  • Honduras (National Geographic) - Get general information about and see photos of Honduras, as well as links to feature stories.
  • Honduras (New York Times) - Read the latest articles about Honduras from the New York Times.
Teacher Resources
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