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The Land
  • Environmental conservation work in Ethiopia (World Wildlife Federation)
    Find out what the WWF is doing for conservation efforts in Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopia (CIA World Factbook)
    Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics.
  • Ethiopian Tourism Net
    A guide to Ethiopia’s most popular tourist destinations. Includes animal checklists for visiting Ethiopia’s national parks.
  • Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme (Wildlife Conservation Research Unit)
    Read what is being done to save the endangered Ethiopian Wolf, among other species.
  • Newsroom (World Wildlife Federation)
    Read about the endangered Ethiopian Wolf.
  • Traveller’s Guide (The GondarLink Guide to Ethiopia)
    Find out what there is to see and do in Ethiopia’s cities.
  • Weather (CNN) Get the current weather conditions for Addis Ababa and other cities in Ethiopia.
History and Government
The People
  • Derartu Tulu (International Olympic Committee)
    Read a biography of Ethiopia’s famous long-distance runner, relive her Olympic highlights, and view photos of her.
  • Ethiopia (WaterPartners International) Read about the water crisis in Ethiopia and what is being done to solve the problem.
  • Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews Learn more about Ethiopia’s Falasha people and their desire to integrate into Israeli society.
  • Oromo Studies Association Find out more about Ethiopia’s Oromo people.
  • Water Walks (BBC Online) Read one woman’s tale of fetching water for her family.
  • Women in Ethiopia (Ethiopian Embassy) Read about the history of women in Ethiopian society and the government’s commitment to strengthening their role in modern Ethiopian society.
  • Women’s Rights in Ethiopia (Womankind) Information on Ethiopian women and their place in Ethiopian society
Cultural Life
The Economy
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