El Salvador

El Salvador
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Maps & Flag [downloadable for reports]
The Land
History and Government
  • Cihuatán: El Salavador's Ancient City (Karen Olsen Bruns, Department of Anthropology, San Francisco State University)
    Invaders burned down this Mayan city in the A.D. 900s. It's residents fled. View well-captioned photos from the site. Learn how archaeologists are restoring the site and what they are able to tell us about the people who lived in this ancient city from the everyday and religious objects they left behind.
  • "The Enemies of War" (pbs.org) At this companion website to a film by the same name, read about the El Salvador’s civil war and the murder of six Jesuit (Roman Catholic) priests, view video clips, examine a timeline of U.S. involvement in this Central American country, and more.
  • History of El Salvador (Encyclopedia Britannica Online) Learn about the history of El Salvador from its colonial period through its civil war.
The People
  • El Salvador (USAID Health)
    Download a PDF file of health statistics for El Salvador including prevalence of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, birth rates, life expectancy, and more.
  • El Salvador to Canada (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
    Follow links to information about family life, health, education, and other topics in El Salvador.
Cultural Life
The Economy
  • El Salvador (New York Times World)
    Read current and archived news articles about El Salvador.
  • El Salvador News (Big News Network)
    Catch up on the news from El Salvador. This site offers news stories about El Salvador from sources around the world.
  • Products Exported by El Salvador (El Salvador Trade)
    Learn what products El Salvador exports and to which countries. A listing of export companies offers additional details about exports within each general category.
  • A Time to Reap (Telling Our Story, USAID)
    Discover how a USAID grant helped Salvadoran farmers improve their crops and lives.
  • The Universal Currency Converter (xe.com)
    El Salvador's official currency is the U.S. dollar. Compare the currency of the United States with the currency of other nations around the world.
For More Information
  • El Salvador (CountryReports.org)
    Find general information about El Salvador, including geography, government, economy, etc.
  • El Salvador (Cultural Profiles Project)
    Read about daily life in El Salvador and learn more about health care, education, and cultural life in this Central American country.
  • El Salvador (Lonely Planet)
    View travel tips and information about El Salvador.
  • National-Anthems.net
    Listen to El Salvador’s national anthem in your choice of several formats.
Teacher Resources
  • Justice and the Generals (pbs.org)
    Over five to six class periods, students view the video Justice and the Generals. It is about the October 2000 civil trial of the Salvadoran military generals for the abduction, rape, and murder of four churchwomen in El Salvador in 1980. They read additional background material provided on this Web page. Then they discuss the value of legal action under the Torture Victim Protection Act for victims and their surviving family members and the history and future prospects of human rights in El Salvador. (Grades 9–12)
  • Too Hot to Handle: Creating Emergency Preparation Plans in the Event of Volcanic Eruption (The New York Times Teacher Connections)
    Students read and discuss a newpaper article about the modern archaeological excavation of a city buried by a volcanic eruption in 1815. Then small groups study and report on active volcanos, nearby settlements of people, and the problems posed by the threat of a major eruption. (Grades 6–12)
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