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Maps & Flag [downloadable for reports]
The Land
  • The Aswan Dam (Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport) - Learn why the Aswan Dam was created and how it works
  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina - The official site of Alexandria's new library, also includes information on the ancient library
  • Egypt (CIA World Factbook) - Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics
  • Mysteries of the Nile (NOVA Online Adventure) - Take a virtual tour through the Great Pyramid, the tombs and temples of Luxor, and more (requires QuickTime 3.0)
  • Sahara (PBS) - Find out about the geography, wildlife, and people of the Sahara Desert
  • Sinai, Egypt (Geographia) - Learn the history of Sinai, its connection to the Bible, and things to see and do there
  • The Suez Canal (Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport) - Understand the history of one of the world's most important waterways
  • Weather ( - Get the current weather conditions for Cairo and other Egyptian cities
  • Wild Egypt - Go on an online safari along the Nile, in the desert, and to the Red Sea
History and Government
  • Ancient Egypt (Egyptian State Information Service) - View Egyptian treasures and find in-depth information on the Sphinx and Pyramids
  • Ancient Egypt (Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport) - Detailed information for report research: pyramids, Egyptian culture, etc.
  • Build a Pyramid ( - Take a break from your studies and build a pyramid! (requires Shockwave 8 plugin)
  • Egyptian Name Translator (Egyptian Tourist Authority) - Type in your name and see it in hieroglyphics!
  • The Egyptian Presidency - Official site of Egypt's president, includes profile of the president, the presidential palaces, and current news
  • Encyclopedia of the Rulers of Egypt (Egyptian State Information Service) - An extensive list from the Pharaohs until now
  • Hieroglyphs (GreatScott!) - Includes information on writing hieroglyphs and numbers
  • Hieroglyphs (University of Michigan) - Displays the symbol, its meaning, and its sound
  • Mummies of Ancient Egypt (University of Michigan) - Explains what mummies are, how they were made, who they were, and the afterlife
  • Mysteries of Egypt (Canadian Museum of Civilization) - Includes information on the pyramids, Egyptian kings and queens, and more
  • Pyramids, the Inside Story (NOVA) - Find out who built the pyramids, how old they are, and more
  • You Wouldn't Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy! (Salariya Web Books) - "Disgusting things you'd rather not know" about mummification
The People
  • Egyptian Women (Egyptian State Information Service) - Information on the roles of women in Egyptian society now and historically
Cultural Life
  • Ancient Art of Egypt (The Detroit Institute of Arts) - Online exhibition of Egyptian artifacts
  • Ancient Egypt (Art Images for College Teaching) - Downloadable images of Egyptian art
  • Arabic Languages (The Arab World) - Learn some common Arabic expressions, also how to say numbers, colors and more
  • Egypt (Al Bawaba) - Includes daily local news and links
  • Egyptian Food (Egypt Magic) - A brief explanation of the history of food in Egypt
  • Egyptian Recipes (Egyptian Tourist Authority) - An overview of food in Egypt, includes numerous recipes
  • Life in Ancient Egypt (Carnegie Museum of Natural History) - Online exhibition of Egyptian artifacts
  • Middle East Times - Weekly online Egyptian newspaper, includes lists of stories that were censored from the print edition, describes what is censored in Egypt
The Economy
For More Information
  • American Embassy Egypt - Detailed government information, updates on Middle East peace, see what American Muslims have to say about their religion, and more
  • Country Profile: Egypt (BBC News) - Find up-to-date headlines, colorful maps, timeline, overview, and watch video news clips
  • Egypt (ArabNet) - General and in-depth country information
  • Egypt ( - Find general country information, including geography, government, economy, etc.
  • Tour Egypt (Egyptian Tourist Authority) - "Complete guide for travel, Ancient & Modern Egypt"
  • Embassy of Egypt - Detailed government information
  • Listen to Egypt's National Anthem
Teacher Resources
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