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The Land
  • Denmark Guide (National Geographic) - This website includes facts, maps, and blogs about traveling in Denmark.
  • The Official Website of Denmark - This official website of Denmark contains lots of information about Denmark and its people.
  • Tivoli - Learn all about the rides, music, and entertainment that is offered at Tivoli Gardens.
  • Copenhagen - This official tourist site for Copenhagen has maps, information on famous Danes past and present, and lots of happenings in the capital city.
  • About the Faroe Islands - Learn all about Denmark's beautiful Faroe Islands.
  • Weather ( - Get current weather conditions for Copenhagen and other cities in Denmark.
History and Government
  • Background Note: Denmark (U.S. Department of State) - Find out a wide variety of information about Denmark's history, government, economy, and more.
  • The Danish Monarchy - This is the official website for the Danish Monarchy.
  • Embassy of Denmark, Washington, D.C. - Learn more about Denmark's relationship with the United States and other countries.
  • Viking Denmark - Check out this site for information about Viking fortresses, runic stones, Viking ships, and more!
  • Viking Ship Museum - This is the website for the Viking Ship Museum, where visitors can see five reconstructed Viking ships an active wooden boatbuilding yard, take guided tours, sail on the fjord, and more.
The People
Cultural Life
  • Arne Jacobsen - Learn more about Danish designer Arne Jacobsen, and view many of his designs.
  • Danish (Omniglot) - See the Danish alphabet, and hear a recorded sample of spoken Danish.
  • Denmark ( - Keep up to date about Denmark's national soccer team.
  • Hans Christian Andersen Center - Find out more information about Hans Christian Andersen's life and works.
  • The Royal Danish Theatre - Visit the official website for the Royal Danish Theatre.
The Economy
For More Information
  • Denmark (CIA World Fact Book) - View maps and photos, and read general information about Denmark's geography, people, government, economy, and more.
  • Denmark (The Lonely Planet) - Learn basic information for travel in Denmark.
  • Denmark National Anthem ( - Listen to Denmark's national anthem, "There Is a Lovely Land."
  • Denmark Royal Anthem ( - Listen to Denmark's royal anthem, "King Christian Stood by the Lofty Mast"
Teacher Resources
  • The Role of NATO (Discovery Education) - Learn about the history and politics behind the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. (grades 9-12)
  • The Vikings: Sea Raiders, Land Raiders (Discover Education) - Learn about the history and environment of the Vikings. (grades 6-8)
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