Czech Republic
Photos [downloadable for reports]
Maps & Flag [downloadable for reports]
The Land
History and Government
  • Castle Karstejn - See pictures and learn the history of this Gothic castle
  • Find Out More ( - Official government site with more information about the country, political headlines and more
  • Prague Castle - Official website of the Prague Castle, includes a detailed plan of the castle, photographs, historical perspective and more
  • Radio Prague’s History Online Virtual Exhibit! - A comprehensive overview of the history of the Czech Republic
The People
  • Famous Czechs ( - Biographies and photographs of famous Czechs from history to present day
Cultural Life
  • Food & Drink in the Czech Republic - A guide to the cuisine you would find if traveling to the Czech Republic
  • Greetings (Local Lingo) - Learn some basic Czech words and phrases
  • The National Gallery in Prague - Online version of the museum’s exhibits; see art from Bohemia and Central Europe
  • The National Museum - Find out about the history of the museum, permanent exhibits, and see pictures of the damage from the devastating floods in 2002
  • The Prague Post Online - Online version of a weekly newspaper in Prague
  • The Prague Tribune - "The leading business and lifestyle magazine in the Czech Republic"
  • Radio Prague - The latest news headlines online, you can also listen to Radio Prague online using RealAudio or MP3 technology
The Economy
For More Information
Teacher Resources
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