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The Land
  • Illustrating Cuba’s Flora and Fauna: On-line Exhibition (Historical Museum of Southern Florida) View historical illustrations of the plants and animals of Cuba.
  • Weather in Cuba (cuba The home page features national weather news and live weather satellite imaging. A pulldown menu offers links to five-day forecasts for twenty-one communities in Cuba from BBC.
History and Government
  • Encyclopedia: History of Cuba ( The history of Cuba from the Pre-Columbian period to modern times
  • Learning from the Missile Crisis: What Really Happened on Those Thirteen Fateful Days in October (Smithsonian Magazine) A New York Times reporter who covered the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis from the Washington, D.C., beat, reflects on this Cold War event.
  • Remember the Maine (Smithsonian Magazine)Read about the mysterious fate of the U.S. battleship Maine in the Havana harbor in 1898.
  • The Taíno World (El Museo Del Barrio) This colorful website discusses the indigenous Carribean Taíno peoples’ history, artifacts, sports, and art.
The People
  • Crackdown in Cuba (Human Rights First) Read about the imprisonment of the Varela Project dissidents, advocates for democracy and respect for human rights in Cuba.
  • PRB 2007 World Population Data Sheet. (Population Reference Bureau) This annual statistics sheet provides a wealth of data on Cuba's population, birth and death rates, fertility rate, infant mortality rate, and other useful demographic information.
  • United Nations Statistics Division (United Nations) This site offers a wide range of statistics on Cuba, including economic, environmental, social, and demographic data.
Cultural Life
  • Cuban Music (AfroCubaWeb) Worldwide performance schedules and background information on Cuban musicians, singers, dancers, groups, record companies, agents, studios, and radio stations past and present
  • The Hemingway Research Center (The Ernest Hemingway Resource Center) Read a biography of Ernest Hemingway, listen to audio clips, and view photos and video clips. The website also includes a Hemingway bibliography, interviews with authors of Hemingway-related publications, a message board, and a FAQ.
  • The Jews of Cuba ( Find information about traveling to Cuba, Cuban synagogues, family genealogy, and recommended reading.
  • Radio Habana Cuba (Radio Habana Cuba) The website of the first Cuban international shortwave radio station offers news and a limited audio archive of 1999 broadcasts.
  • Stealing Home: The Case of Contemporary Cuban Baseball (PBS) This website for the PBS program of the same name discusses the importance of baseball in Cuba, past and present.
The Economy
  • Cuba--Consular Information Sheet (Bureau of Consular Affairs, U.S. Department State) Topics include a country description, travel restrictions, personal health and safety information, road conditions, aviation safety, currency regulation, and information on crime and criminal penalties.
  • Cubanet (Cubanet News Inc.) This website collects articles from many different sources to provide current information and news about Cuba.
  • The Full Universal Currency Converter ( Convert U.S. dollars to Cuban Pesos
  • Granma International, English Edition (Republic of Cuba) The on-line edition of the weekly government-run newspaper published in Havana
  • Havana Journal (Havana Journal, Inc.) An on-line newspaper of Cuban business, culture, politics, and travel information
For More Information
  • AfroCubaWeb: The African Cultures in Cuba (AfroCubaWeb) This website devoted to the influence of African cultures in Cuba provides a wealth of current information about Afro-Cuban music, religion, and arts.
  • Country Profile: Cuba (BBC News) Find up-to-date headlines, colorful maps, timeline, overview, and watch video news clips
  • Cuba ( Find general country information, including geography, government, economy, etc.
  • Cuba (Lonely Planet) Find travel tips and country information for Cuba from
  • Cuba: The Web Site of the Government of the Republic of Cuba (Administration of the Government’s Web Site) News and information directly from the government of Cuba, about Cuba’s government, economy, population statistics, history, forms of local government, foreign affairs, and national defense.
  • Cuba (The World Factbook) Find up-to-date information and statistics on Cuba’s geography, population, economy, government, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues.
Teacher Resources
  • Cuba On My Mind: Exploring Cuban History, Politics, Society, and Culture (The New York Times) Lessons for grades 6-12 encourage students to learn more about Cuba and to discuss current U.S. policy toward Cuba.
  • Cuba: Paradox Found Teachers’ Guide (Adventure Divas, PBS)
    Designed to accompany the PBS video Cuba: Paradox Found, this teachers’ guide includes four lessons about Cuban culture, geography, and history.
  • Lesson Plan: U.S.-Cuba Relations (Discovery Guide students in creation of a history timeline of the relationship between Cuba and the United States from 1898 to the present.
  • NOW with Bill Moyers for Educators “The U.S. Trade Embargo on Cuba” (Now with Bill Moyers, PBS) A lesson plan with background information to accompany “The U.S. Trade Embargo on Cuba” episode of Now with Bill Moyers
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