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The Land
History and Government
  • 80 Years of Power: China’s Communist Party ( - Timeline, profiles of Chinese leaders, in-depth articles on the Cold War, Tiananmen Square in 1989, China’s relations with the U.S., and more
  • Great Wall of China (Travel China Guide) - Read about the history and construction and culture of the Wall, view photographs and maps
The People
  • - Learn more about the people of Tibet, their customs, festivals, religion, and more
Cultural Life
  • Animated Chinese Characters ( - See how Chinese characters are written: includes cities, countries, surnames, numbers, and more.
  • - Learn more about the Buddhist religion
  • China Daily - Daily news online, regulated by the Chinese government
  • - "China’s Official Gateway to News & Information," regulated by the Chinese government
  • Chinese Tea (
    Chinese tea history, culture, classification, and hints for selecting an excellent tea
  • Chinese Culture (
    Includes everything you'll want to know about Chinese culture: arts and crafts, clothing, food and drink, festivals, customs, fables and legends, games, photos, and more.
  • Holidays and Festivals in Taiwan (Republic of China on Taiwan Government Information Office) - Learn about the many cultural celebrations in Taiwan
The Economy
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