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The Land
History and Government
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina (Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Bosnia-Herzegovina’s government website has links to geographical data and information about the government, the constitution, the flag, the national anthem, and the Bosnian coat of arms.
  • History of the Caliphate in Bosnia (
    Investigate all aspects of society in Bosnia-Herzegovina when the region was part of the Ottoman Empire. This lively text includes quotations from primary sources and color maps, illustrations, and photographs.
  • "The Men Who Got Away" (Frontline World, PBS)
    Read about efforts to arrest and convict leaders of the former Yugoslavia who are responsible for genocide during the civil war of 1992-1995.
  • Timeline: The Former Yugoslavia (Fact Monster)
    Investigate the former Yugoslavia’s past by looking at a timeline of events beginning in World War I.
  • Who are the Bosnians? (Global Perspectives)
    Learn what it means to be Bosnian. Also, explore Bosnia-Herzegovina’s history.
The People
  • Bosnia (Cool Planet)
    Understand the aftereffects of war on the Bosnian people. Explore links about Bosnia’s history, geography, climate, and the people of Bosnia.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Updates Specific to Bosnia & Herzegovina (Relief Web)
    By reading press releases from international humanitarian aid groups active in Bosnia-Herzegovina, you can learn about what humanitarian concerns face the country.
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina (Amnesty International)
    The Amnesty International Library divides its links into three categories: news, reports, and urgent actions.
  • Europe>Bosnia and Herzegovina>People statistics (
    Visit this site to find population statistics for Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • Mladi Most “The Young Bridge” (
    Learn about this workshop and seminar space in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Its goal is youth reconciliation, connecting youth from different ethnic backgrounds.
Cultural Life
  • Cultural Heritage (Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
    Learn about Bosnia-Herzegovina’s unique stecci (medieval gravestones), its Nobel prize winners, and more.
  • Eating the Bosnian Way (Cultural Profiles Project)
    Find out Bosnians’ favorite foods and try out a recipe for Bosnian Pot (stew).
  • Ivo Andric: The Nobel Prize in Literature 1961 (
    Read a biography of Ivo Andric, Yugoslavia’s Nobel prize winning author.
  • Languages Across Europe (
    Listen to common words and phrases in languages spoken in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the surrounding area.
  • Music of Bosnia and Herzegovina (
    Learn about the history of music in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • Semso Avdic: Roma from Birth Till Death (Bosnian Section of the Society for Threatened People)
    Read translations of the poetry of Semso Avdic, a Roma poet born in Banja-Luka in 1950.
  • Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian (Omniglot)
    This website will teach you about three Slavic languages that are spoken in Bosnia-Herzegovina and other countries that were part of the former Yugoslavia.
The Economy
For More Information
  • Background Note: Bosnia-Herzegovina (U.S. Department of State)
    Learn about Bosnia-Herzegovina by exploring the U.S Department of State’s country profile.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (
    View quick facts about Bosnia-Herzegovina’s population demographics and its economy.
  • Country Profile: Bosnia and Herzegovina (BBC News)
    This article discusses how Bosnia-Herzegovina is rebuilding itself after a civil war.
  • Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Washington D.C. (Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    Highlights of this website include biographical information on the current Bosnian ambassador to the United States and an interactive map of ethnic distribution before and after its civil war in the 1990s.
  • Welcome (Tourism Association of Sarajevo Canton)
    This website provides information for travelers going to Sarajevo, including must-see historical tourist spots, cultural tourist areas, and restaurants.
  • World Guide: Bosnia-Herzegovina (Lonely Planet)
    World travel guide Lonely Planet provides information for those traveling in and around Bosnia-Herzegovina.
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