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  • Bangladesh (
    This site has the latest articles about the Bangladesh economy, including the country’s key industry of textiles.
  • Cox’s Bazar, Beach (NewOpenWorld Foundation)
    Check out the list of the possible New Seven Wonders of the world, including this beach in Bangladesh, and the Ganges River in Bangladesh and India.
  • Currency Converter (
    Convert U.S. dollars to Bangladesh taka.
  • Grameen (Grameen Communications)
    Learn more about Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank, whose microcredit program to give business loans to the poor in Bangladesh has spread all over the world. Many of the loans given in Bangladesh were to women to set up textile businesses in their homes.
  • Human Development Reports (
    Check out how Bangladesh ranks in the Human Development Index from the United Nations. Site also includes information on Bangladesh’s economy.
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