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The Land
  • Algeria (CIA World Factbook)
    Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics.
  • Algeria Maps (Perry-Castañeda Map Collection, University of Texas Libraries)
    View maps that highlight the political boundaries, population, and cities in Algeria.
  • Tour the Exhibit: The Sahara is the Biggest Desert in the World (Africa-One Continent, Many Worlds)
    Read more about this African desert that is as big as the United States. Learn some of the special names for the Sahara’s winds.
  • Weather (
    Get the current weather conditions for Algiers and other cities in Algeria.
History and Government
  • Abd al-Qadir (Wikipedia)
    Find out more about Algerian hero Abd al-Qadir.
  • Algeria (Encyclopedia of the Orient)
    This site includes information on the history of Algeria, the current political situation, and what to see when visiting historic sites in the country, such as Timgad and the casbah in Algiers.
  • History (Infoplease)
    Investigate the history of Algeria, from the founding of Carthage in the ninth century B.C. to gaining independence from France in 1962. Also included are links with information on Algeria’s people, economy, and government.
  • Timeline: Algeria (BBC News)
    Study Algeria’s recent history by looking at a timeline of events beginning in 1962.
The People
  • Africa>Algeria>People Statistics (
    Visit this site to find population statistics for Algeria, as well as links to stats on crime and education.
  • Berber Languages (Wikipedia)
    Learn all about the Berber people and their languages.
  • Explore Africa (
    Find out about the Tuareg people of Algeria on this site, which also features information on the topography and animals of the Sahara. Can also find more information about the people and customs of Algeria and other regions in the Sahara.
  • Human Development Report 2006 (
    Check out Algeria’s ranking in the latest Human Development Index from the United Nations.
  • Languages of Algeria ( Languages)
    Learn more about the living languages of Algeria.
Cultural Life
  • African recipes (RecipeSource)
    Find out how to make Algerian chili and other North African dishes.
  • Algeria (World News Network)
    Catch up on the latest news from Algeria.
  • Algeria (World News Network)
    Check out the latest sports stories from Algeria, including coverage of Algerians’ favorite sport, soccer.
  • Introduction to Rai Music of Algeria (Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at Austin)
    This site offers an overview of this popular kind of Algerian music and terms used in describing it. Viewers can also listen to samples of rai music.
  • The Magic of Signs and Patterns in North African Art (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
    View examples and learn more about the varied cultural influences that inspire artists in Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia.
The Economy
  • Algeria (
    This site has the latest articles about the Algerian economy.
  • Currency Converter (
    Convert U.S. dollars to Algeria dinars.
  • Sport: Cool Planet (
    Check out some of the activities Algerians enjoy. Also, check links to information on the daily life of Algerians in the cities and in desert regions.
  • UN Millennium Development Goals (United Nations)
    Study the latest report on the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, including a chart showing the progress on each goal.
For More Information
  • Algeria (
    This site offers a look at many different aspects of Algeria, including articles on history, geography, business, and culture.
  • Algeria (
    Find general country information, including geography, government, economy, etc.
  • Algeria (Lonely Planet)
    This site has information on travel to Algeria.
  • Algeria (New York Times)
    Find up-to-date news on the New York Times Algeria Web page.
  • Algeria (
    Listen to Algeria’s national anthem, and browse through facts about the country.
  • Background Note: Algeria (U.S. Department of State)
    Learn about Algeria by exploring the U.S. Department of State’s country profile.
  • Consulate of Algeria in the United Kingdom & Ireland
    This site gives detailed information from the Algerian government.
  • Embassy of the United States of America—Algiers, Algeria
    Learn about relations between the United States and Algeria.
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