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The Land
  • About Albania (Albanian Tourism) - Find out about Albania's major cities and the top cultural and natural attractions in each.
  • Albania (Lonely Planet) - Learn about Albania's top travel destinations!
  • Butrint (Albanian National Trust) - Learn more about this fascinating national park and archaeological site.
  • Tirana, ALB (MSN Weather) - Get the current weather conditions for Tiranë and other cities in Albania
History and Government
  • Background Note: Albania (U.S. Department of State) - Find out more about the government, and read a brief history of the country.
  • Butrint National Park (Butrint Foundation) - Discover more about this fascinating archaeological site that was once an important port for ancient Greeks, Romans, and others.
  • Embassy of Albania - Visit the official website for Albania's embassy in Washington, D.C.
  • NATO's Role in Kosovo (NATO/OTAN) - Learn more about the conflict in Kosovo.
  • President (Presidenti i Republikes se Shqiperise) - Learn more about the Albanian president and his first lady at the official website.
The People
  • Albania (World Health Organization) - Get health statistics pertaining to Albania.
  • Albania Gender Profile (IFAD) - This article by the International Fund for Agricultural Development, an agency within the United Nations, discusses gender and economics in Albania.
Cultural Life
  • Albania (UEFA) - Follow Albania's standing in the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).
  • Albanian Language - Find out more about Albanian and its various dialects. Listen to recordings of spoken Albanian.
  • Albania—The Land of the Illyrians - Get general information about Albania and Albanians, including people, food, and cultural activities.
The Economy
For More Information
  • Albania (CIA World Factbook) - Find up-to-date population figures and other statistics.
  • Albania ( - Listen to the melody and view the lyrics of the Albanian national anthem, "United around Our Flag."
  • Albania Country Profile (BBC News) - Find news headlines, maps, a timeline, and an overview of Albania.
  • A Country Study: Albania - This site provides a general overview of Albania's geography, history, economy, and more.
Teacher Resources
  • The Role of NATO (Discovery Education) - Delve into history and politics behind and the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. (grades 9–12)
  • Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation (Discovery Education) - Students learn more about the conflict in the former Yugoslavia that affected Albanian Kosovars. (grades 9–12)
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